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Arab Academy provides a comprehensive Arabic language education through interactive activities, task-based learning, and lessons with our expert teachers. Our program makes it easy to learn Arabic online and to immediately apply your lessons to real-life situations. Once you get started and choose your course-track, you can progress through the lessons at your own pace, making it easy to go from a novice student to an advanced speaker. We have the world's most extensive library of Arabic lessons, each themed around specific core concepts that make it easier to comprehend and contextualize important principles. We also supplement our lessons by immersing you in culture and history to make learning Arabic more engaging and enjoyable.

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Our program is designed to help you achieve the results you want, and our community of thousands of enthusiastic students and teachers is ready to help you along the way. The best way to learn Arabic is to use it, and our program includes an opportunity to work 1-on-1 with native speakers and expert teachers who will encourage you to improve your skills through our Arabic courses. If you are ready to start an effective and powerful Arabic language program, sign up today and find out why so many people, schools, and universities have turned to Arab Academy for a comprehensive and successful learning program.